Tre Tasarım Company was founded in 1998 in partnership with Erkan Atalay and Alp Pasinler and works in the area of interior design, project management, consulting, project turnkey delivery, wholesale and retail production and sale of furniture for projects.

The company’s production facilities with a total indoor area of 15,000 square meters are located in the Organized Production Zone of Antalya.
Here, the team of architects, designers, civil engineers and qualified production personnel works on hotels, administrative and residential projects.

Since 2019, the company has been striving to minimize environmental damage by reducing carbon emissions, whose impact on the world is growing day by day, as well as by using solar energy for sustainable production.

With the help of R&D and the combination of modern technology systems with aesthetic and highly operational solutions, the company performs project production in compliance with current quality standards.

Tre Tasarım is steadily moving towards the development of new solutions, constant maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level and recognition of the company as a recognized brand in the industry thanks to the well-coordinated work of its professional staff.